XOXO Smart Contract has Launched!

10,000+ Members joined in less than 48 Hours. Hundreds will be joining daily.

$1.4 Million already paid out!

XOXO a Smart Contract with Global Auto Pools. You purchase into a Pool and earn over and over again to Infinty. They are Company Forced Pools so everyone is placed in a single straight line.

Joining is easy...

1. Create your wallet.

2. Fund your wallet with 0.1 eth.

3. Click on JOIN NOW Link Below and your account will be created and you will be placed in the first Pool.

The Pay Plan

The entry fee is 0.1 ETH. This places you in Pool #1.

Pool #1 is 4-level unilevel paying 50% - 25% - 15% - 10%.

Pools #2 thru #7 are Global Pools. These work like a Straight Line Cycler. When you cycle a Global Pool you earn and receive a re-entry to earn again.

It only takes 3 positions to cycle a Global Pool.

Pool #2 costs 0.2 ETH.
Pool #3 costs 0.3 ETH.
Pool #4 costs 0.4 ETH.
Pool #5 costs 0.5 ETH.
Pool #6 costs 0.7 ETH.
Pool #7 costs 1.0 ETH.

Referral Requirements

Everyone can join Pool #1.

Pools #2 thru #7 will open once you have 1 referral.

Passive Members can create a second account and refer themselves.

Wallets Supported

The following wallets are supported.

METAMASK - https://metamask.io
TRUST WALLET - https://trustwallet.com
COINBASE WALLET - https://wallet.coinbase.com

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